Kind Words from Treasured Clients

“I have gotten more in touch with my body, my organs, being able to feel and listen to them when they used to be numb. I used to get really bad menstrual cramps. Now I have been able to stop taking Advil completely. Thank you, Uma!”
Asheville, NC

“Uma helped me to understand my body’s underlying constitution within the framework of the symptoms I was experiencing. We discussed changes I could make and treatments I could use in order to help my body shift back to its more normal state, and I’ve been happy with how I’ve been feeling since I’ve been working with her. I highly recommend her for those looking to make changes in their lives in order to achieve a more optimum level of health and well-being.”
Asheville, NC

“I was thoroughly impressed with Uma…Not only because of her knowledge and use of Ayurvedic medicine, but because of her warmth, compassion, sense of humor, and her ability to offer support in an incredibly powerful and beautiful way! I would recommend her services to anyone.”
Asheville, NC

“Uma’s perceptive knowledge of Ayurvedic practice and guidance through the pancha karma cleanse, helped significantly in my ongoing journey of health & vitality.”
Asheville, NC

“Amy’s ability to be present in a non-invasive way and integrate herself into the family is remarkable. Her willingness to do whatever was needed and her nurturing, calm, centered presence is a great gift.”
Dawn and Dean Rosenblum
NY, New York

“It is difficult for me to find the words to describe what this work has meant to me. . . Lush, abundant, happy, fun, healing, and completely nurturing. My son has gained four pounds and has never been sick. He is a walking advertisement for home birth and the Ayurvedic protocol of postpartum healing.”
Jenny Hatch
Mother of Five Children,
Boulder, CO

“During her daily visits, Amy brought tranquility, groundedness, excellent Ayurvedic cooking, wonderful calming postpartum massage and a true willingness to honor the Mother and serve the family. I happily give the highest recommendation to Amy as a doula.”
Neshama Abhrams
Boulder, CO