I bring over 3 decades of experience in the study and practice into my practice of Ayurveda. I specialize in women’s health, nervous system regulation, and mental/emotional health, and somatic embodiment.

My areas of expertise include, but are not limited to –

Women’s health – Hormone balance, healthy menstrual cycle, fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause.

Children’s health – digestive health, food sensitivities, immune support, nervous system regulation, emotional health.

Nervous system regulation and mental/emotional health – Stress related concerns, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, fatigue, sleep disturbances, ADHD, autism, sensory related sensitivities.

Initial Ayurvedic Health Consultations 

  • We start our journey with an initial Ayurvedic consultation. Sessions are 90 minutes – 2 hours and cost $195.
  • Sessions include – detailed health history with the goal of understanding your health narrative and the roots of illness.
  • Sessions are confidential, trauma informed, and sensitive to your unique needs.
  • A thorough assessment of your diet, lifestyle, pulse, tongue, face, and nails are performed to determine your original constitution (Prakruti) and current state of doshic balance (Vikruti).

Together we craft your personal wellness program, based upon your goals. Recommendations are personalized for your constitution and current state of imbalance.

Ayurvedic consultation includes –

  • Nutrition, dietary guidelines, and optimization
  • Lifestyle recommendations and optimization
  • Herbal medicine
  • General recommendations for yoga asanas and breathing practices.
  • A more personalized yoga plan can be crafted in a follow up yoga therapy consultation

At the completion of your consult, you will be given educational handouts, and a write out of the recommendations to take home to enhance your understanding of your Ayurvedic constitution and integrate these changes into your life.

Herbal Formulation

We often recommend custom formulas and supplements which we fulfill in house and refer you to top quality suppliers

  • In order to create formulas with optimal herbal synergy, that are also safe to use in your current medical condition, we take careful consideration of your current medications and herbal / dietary supplements.
  • We specialize in using local plants from this rich bioregion when ever possible to supplement the rich Ayurvedic pharmacopoeia.
  • We share a commitment towards planetary and personal health, and only use certified organic, sustainable, and heavy metal tested products.
  • Formulas are generally made in our clinic

Follow Up Consultations

It is recommended that you schedule a follow up consultation 4-6 weeks after your initial consultation so we can assess and support positive health changes and optimize your health plan.

  • Follow up ayurvedic consultations are 25 min – 50 min in duration and are $50 / $95
  • The total number of follow up consultations needed may vary, but usually at least 3 sessions are needed to implement changes, access and monitor results.

Frequently Asked Questions – 

How much do the herbs and other supplements cost? 

The herbal formulas we create or recommend for you is usually around $45- $60 per month.  Additional herbs or classic formulas we may recommend like triphala are usually between $16 – $20 for a  one to two month supply.  Often herbal capsules we may recommend run around $20- 30 / bottle.  Other dietary changes, just involve a trip to your local grocery store, or natural health food store, and will be cost effective.

Where do I get the herbal formulas? 

We fulfill your Formulas which are generally available for pick up in our office within 2 days or via mail within 4-6 days.  If additional products are needed that we do not carry, we will  direct you to the most cost effective and high quality companies to place your order via Internet or phone.

How do I make these changes? 

At the end of the ayurvedic consultation, we will make a wellness plan together, with gradual changes, step by step, that feel doable with your current lifestyle, time and energy levels.  We are available to answer general questions via email or short phone calls.  Further changes we will make together in follow up consults, where we can enjoy the steps you have taken, and the transformation you feel, as well as determine what steps to take next, and areas of support needed to make these changes.

How effective are online consultations? 

Online consultations, are just as effective due to face to face conference calling and detailed questioning and assessment. We can still effectively determine your ayurvedic constitution and current state of imbalance from your signs and symptoms and visual assessment of face, tongue, nails, etc. and create a health plan that will help you achieve results with success.